Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Awarded Multiple Department of Defense Contracts Totaling $164M

ENDICOTT, NY — The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded 
Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. multiple contracts totaling $164M to produce card frame assemblies including organic semiconductor packaging, module assemblies, printed circuit boards, full functionally-tested circuit board assemblies and engineering services in support of a high reliability, high performance computing application. EI also provided an innovative and cost effective logistics, shipping and storage solution to the DoD customer in support of this important endeavor.

EI initially recommended its HyperBGA® organic substrate as an alternative to ceramic semiconductor packages because it enhances performance and reliability while offering a cost benefit. Early engineering expertise and development effort during the successful prototype phase of the program lead to the module assembly business as well and the initial $6.5M contract award.

Subsequent development and collaboration lead to additional technical scope for follow-on contracts. This included PCB fabrication, complex board assembly and higher level integration into card frame subsystems. One of the key enablers was the EI lead development and delivery of the testing required for this complex subsystem.

Contracts totaling $37.5M were awarded for certification of the product, which included build of the formal qualification parts and all related documentation, reporting, quality and reliability requirements. The remaining $120M contract was awarded for the first production order of fully integrated card frame assemblies to be delivered by year end.

“Our technical expertise and collaboration with the customer in the assembly and test of the modules and integrated card frame were key factors in winning this business,” said Wade Phelan, Vice President and General Manager of Complex Assembly Operations at EI. “Rich engineering capability, manufacturing know-how and responsive execution lead to our successful bid,” he continued.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for the government to find domestic sources with the technology, engineering and manufacturing prowess required to meet the demands of these government programs,” stated the DoD customer.

“The EI team deserves the credit for this key win. Our focused technical team and early involvement has positioned EI as an integral part of this customer’s supply chain strategy. We not only represent an innovative, on-shore supply source, but we have the 
ability to consistently manufacture technically challenging product. Additionally, we apply our engineering know-how to design-for-manufacturability improvements,” commented James J. McNamara, President and CEO at EI. “And of course, our vertically integrated product portfolio and business model positions us to supply laminate and PCB fabrication, module and board assembly, test and integration, along with a host of engineering services all under one roof.”