Baker Announces Equipment Sales to Endicott Interconnect Technologies

M.E. Baker Company’s MEI Division today announced the sale of multiple wet process tools to Endicott Interconnect Technologies’ (EI). These innovative develop, etch, and strip tools are designed for processing flexible material in discrete and roll form. These tools will be used in the CAMM consortium enhancing set of the tools to have the new generation of R2R processing.

CAMM was established in 2005 when the United States Display Consortium (USDC) selected Binghamton University, EI and Cornell to spearhead development of next generation roll-to-roll (R2R) electronics manufacturing capabilities. A unique collaborative effort, the CAMM brings together partners from government, industry, and academia to tackle the myriad challenges of this emergent technology. In addition to EI , Binghamton University and Cornell, members of CAMM include but are not limited to NASA and USDC, GE, Kodak, and Corning, and Arizona State Universities. 
Baker is a world leader in the design and manufacture of wet process equipment for a variety of industries including electronics, medical, automotive, defense & aerospace, and consumer products.

Baker’s MEI Division offers fully integrated R2R solutions to the printed circuit board and microelectronics industries. With representation in Asia by WKK Distribution, Baker is uniquely positioned to bring R2R solutions from lab scale to high production manufacturing environment. 
More information can be found on CAMM’s website at, EI’s website at, or Baker’s website at