Department of Defense Awards Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. $49M Contract

Endicott, NY― Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. today announced that the U.S. Department of Defense has awarded a $49M follow-on production contract that includes a $5M contract for research and development of electronics packaging technologies including printed circuit boards and substrates for the next generation of high productivity computing. EI has successfully met the stringent DoD qualification requirements for its PCB, module and processing blade production.

This contract serves as the first of a three phased, five year program, that utilizes EI as a DoD research arm for exploring new, high speed electronics technologies. Phase one includes system development and preliminary PCB and substrate design along with fabrication of test vehicles for evaluating alternative material sets.

Phase two and three will be addressed in follow-on awards that encompass modifications to existing facilities to accommodate next generation processing equipment for advanced technology, PCBs, substrates and assembly. EI anticipates this work will stimulate the recruitment of the next generation of scientists and engineers to produce and deliver these future technologies.

“We’re committed to developing new processes, technologies and techniques that enable progress in the electronics industry. Our goal is not only to deliver the advanced technologies required for this program, but to provide leading edge R&D for future programs as well,” commented Rajinder Rai, Vice President of Research & Development at EI. “This R&D collaboration provides early access to technical advancement that results in a competitive advantage and helps to solidify our long term relationship with this DoD customer.”

“Continual investment in R&D is a leading contributor to economic growth and quality of life and is the foundation of our success and overall company strategy,” said Voya Markovich, Senior Vice President and CTO at EI. “We recognize that the creativity and invention of our talented people is the cornerstone of our success and we are developing a new generation of packaging engineers and scientists in the U.S. to maintain our leadership in the global electronics packaging industry.”