Orbotech Receives Major Multi-Million Dollar Order for LDI and AOI Systems from Endicott Interconnect Technologies

Billerica, MA – Orbotech, Inc., the North American subsidiary of Orbotech Ltd., today announced jointly with Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) that the advanced electronic interconnect supplier has placed a major multi-million dollar order for Orbotech laser direct imaging (LDI) and automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment for use in production at its facility in Endicott, NY, USA.

EI is fabricating one of the most advanced and challenging applications in the North American market in terms of density and line width. With this latest purchase, including Paragon™-8000 and Paragon-9000 models, EI is the only PCB and semiconductor packaging fabricator in the Americas with six Orbotech LDI systems operating in a single location. This order also includes the purchase of two Discovery™ AOI systems.

“Our commitment to invest in leading-edge production tools helps us to advance our technology and ensure we can meet our increasing customer demand, particularly in military and defense applications. The use of Orbotech’s LDI and AOI technologies are essential elements in our strategy,” said Mr. James Fuller, Vice President and General Manager, PCB and Semiconductor Packaging at EI. 
“Specifically, the LDI systems eliminate the requirement for artwork and phototooling which improves quality, shortens cycle time and is a more cost effective manufacturing solution. For our HyperBGA® products, it enables the use of conventional resists versus expensive specialty materials with costly process maintenance. In the production of all of our complex applications, the yield improvement and registration accuracy resulting from Orbotech’s LDI is outstanding compared to traditional imaging methods. The addition of the Discovery AOI systems provides us with a faster, more cost-effective and technically superior method of inspecting circuit boards,” he added.

Mr. Barry Cohen, President of Orbotech, Inc., said: “We appreciate very much that EI has chosen our LDI and AOI solutions as an instrumental part of their advanced manufacturing capabilities. Their decision to now expand its use into ball grid array (BGA) production demonstrates the important benefits that our enabling technologies have for complex applications with very tight design requirements.”