PCB Assemblies for High Volume Commercial Applications from Endicott Interconnect Technologies

ENDICOTT, NY — PC board assembly specialist Endicott Interconnect (EI) Technologies now offers high-volume, low-cost, fully assembled PC boards via EI Shenzhen, its new 40,000 sq. ft. facility in China.

“Customers will continue to receive technical support through EI Endicott for new product development and introduction, but once volume production ramps up for many boards, it can occur at EI Shenzhen, which offers both a volume production site and lower cost manufacturing,” said Stephen Howland, Product Manager of EI Complex Assembly Operations. PCBs can be assembled in the high volumes necessary to meet customer requirements and EI is committed to adding incremental capacity as needed.

EI Shenzhen can provide high-density hybrid PCB assemblies – double-sided complex boards with mixed technologies and an average component count of > 1500 – in sizes as large as 18” x 24” (457 mm x 610 mm) for SMT or non-SMT backplanes.

Assembly technologies include SMT, press fit, wave solder, selective PTH solder, and hand assembly and solder. Components that can be placed on-board include high I/O area array modules (BGA/CGA down to 0.03” (0.8 mm ) pitch, and PBGA), fine pitch leaded parts to 12 mils, and SMT discretes and chips down to 0402 size, as well as high-density, high-I/O connectors. Complete mechanicals – cage, chassis, system assemblies – can be provided.
Products for which EI Shenzhen can provide low-cost, high volume production include motherboards for servers and communication applications, as well as controller boards for various medical and IT applications.

Once product design & development is complete and volume production is ready to begin, order placement, tracking and invoicing is all done at EI Endicott, with documentation and configuration management controlled by EI Endicott.

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