Thin Core Flip Chip Package Provides 199 Micron Via-to-Via Core Pitch

The CoreEZ™ semiconductor package developed by Endicott Interconnect Technologies utilizes an organic, thin core build-up flip chip technology that combines exceptional electrical performance, wireability and reliability with a cost sensitive material set. This includes 2x the board level reliability of a standard FC PBGA or FC ceramic BGA, as well as full signal wiring on both sides of the core.

CoreEZ™ provides an excellent cost/performance ratio for users looking to make the jump from ceramic semiconductor packages to flip chip technology. It utilizes particle filled standard epoxy technology without the glass and is extremely thin, with the capability of replacing standard build-up packages. The core via density provides 199 micron via-to-via core pitch, resulting in an essentially coreless structure. High core via density is achieved using smaller pads and 50 micron laser-drilled holes to unblock wiring channels through the core. This enables CoreEZ™ to provide up to 2 times the number of signal layers as a standard build-up package that uses mechanically drilled core vias with large capture pads. The end result is an extremely cost effective solution that allows full strip line signal layers on both sides of the core.

Component cost is further reduced by enabling die shrink through die pad pitch reduction down to 150 microns. In addition, the thinness of the core provides improved power distribution and the ability to dissipate chip thermal power into the PCB.


CoreEZ™ is an excellent choice for applications requiring low cost build-up materials along with high reliability, performance and wireability, such as IP networking solutions. It is also well suited to aerospace applications requiring radiation tolerance. CoreEZ™ parts are available in any shape, combining the dense circuitry found in chip packaging with the configuration variety found in traditional PCB technology.

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