Benefits of Utilizing System-in-Package (SiP)

Reductions in Size & Weight – Utilization of System-in-Package technologies can reduce the complexity of PCB’s and often times eliminate them entirely. In many instances surface mounted capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components can be embedded right into the substrate, which can potentially lead to a 24x system size reduction. The miniaturization and embedding of components that System-in-Package provides will greatly reduce the size and weight of the application.

Cost Savings – Individual die are attached (Wirebond, Flip Chip or combinations of both) directly to the SiP substrate not only saving space but individual die packaging costs. By placing functions that were once on larger printed circuit board assemblies, significant size and weight savings are achieved – which directly correlates to the cost of weight-to-function calculations. In other words multiple functions can be combined into a smaller total space allowing more capability and achieving a higher value per unit of area or volume.

Flexibility – System-in-Package applications can be applied to almost any market whether it be Aerospace & Defense, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Telecommunications, or Computing. Not only is the concept of SiP applicable to different markets, it’s also flexible in design. We have manufactured SiP substrates & assemblies in many different shapes, sizes & configurations including adding a flex circuit connection between multiple assembled functional SiP modules to produce a completely reconfigured product.

Future of Electronics – The need for functions that were once unachievable due to the size or weight of the assembled electronics package can now be rethought. Whether it be in delicate and size sensitive Medical applications, weight-to-function restrictive Aerospace and Defense applications, or even to satisfy a multitude of new Industrial needs.

So why chose EI for System-in-Package?
EI’s high reliability, superior electrical performance, reputation as a trusted supplier, and competitive offerings and roadmaps, make it an ideal company to handle all of your System-in-Package needs. EI is the most experienced US merchant supplier of microelectronics packaging assembly. We’ve placed over a half million die and 1.4 billion flip chip connects in the field with zero returns, which demonstrates EI’s dedication to quality.

Our organic substrates enable more functionality in smaller packages, can be designed to support RF signal speeds approaching 40 GHz, support FPGA, ASIC, microprocessors and memory, can improve electrical performance through reductions in trace length and EI offers custom body sizes and shapes to fit most applications

EI’s SiP capabilities can be used in a variety of different fields including Medical, Aerospace and Defense, Communications and Computing, Detection and Imaging, as well as Semiconductor Packaging.

The power of our solutions lies in our ability to provide you with a breadth of products and services all under one roof.

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* Dependent on component availability