Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. Honors Employees at Seventh Annual Patent Award and Trade Secret Dinner ENDICOTT, NY

Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) honored 37 employees for patent applications filed, U.S. patents issued and trade secrets received in 2009 at an awards dinner and ceremony held Friday, April 16th at The McKinley in Endicott, N.Y.

Awards were presented to: John Adams, Dave Alcoe, Tim Antesberger, Ashwinkumar Bhatt, Dave Caletka, Varaprasad Calmidi, Norman Card, James Carey, Benson Chan, Rabindra Das, Subahu Desai, Frank Egitto, Dale Fiske, Robert Harendza, Robert Japp, John Konrad, John Kresge, John Lauffer, How Lin, Roy Magnuson, Voya Markovich, Luis Matienzo, Thomas Miller, Matthew Neely, Byron Otis, Cheryl Palomaki, Kostas Papathomas, Susan Pitely, Mark Poliks, Jose Rios, Steve Rosser, William Rudik, Mark Schadt, Norman Seastrand, Tonya Tucker, Bill Wilson and Michael Wozniak.

“I am very proud of these individuals whose bold invention, creativity and technology innovation has contributed to the success of EI, ensuring our technical vitality and allowing us to compete aggressively in the open market. The progress we have made in penetrating new markets and industries has been the direct result of customers’ interest in EI’s technology,” commented James McNamara, President and CEO at EI.

“This seventh annual ceremony signifies how firmly and decisively EI’s corporate leadership encourages innovation as the corner stone for the future of the company’s progression,” affirmed Voya Markovich, Senior VP of R&D and CTO at EI. “I am honored to be working with this team of inventors,” he continued.

EI has 145 filed applications and has been awarded 103 U.S. patents to date, including 25 new patents issued and 7 trade secrets in 2009.