What’s New About the EI Website?

EI has been in business for almost 10 years, has expanded into many new markets and has created products for hundreds of new customers. Unfortunately, our old website did not have the functionality or capability to adequately reflect these changes in our growing business. We decided to make significant improvements to our web presence in late 2011 when we partnered with Vibrant Creative to completely redesign and revamp our website. Below are the top 5 major areas of the website that we felt would create a more fluid and informative experience for our customers, suppliers and employees. The proceeding information will also act as a tool to help guide you, the visitor, through the new website to ensure that your time spent on the EI site is engaging as well as enjoyable.

New Look – The most obvious and apparent change to the website is the new look and feel. Aesthetic improvements include: updated color schemes, enhanced images, and bigger more robust, clickable icons. The most prominent and visually appealing enhancement to the EI website is the rotating pane, which outlines the markets EI competes in.

Less Click Throughs – A major criticism of the previous EI website was the fact that it took the visitor 3+ clicks to access important and relevant technical information. We decided to change that and made it easier for our customers and potential customers to access relevant information in 2 clicks or less. For instance, the visitor can access all of our white papers, certifications, news, products, markets, services, solutions, careers, and contact info within one click. And within 2 clicks the viewer can access our case studies, datasheets, brochures, articles, environmental policy, quality overview, partners, and community involvement.

Better Categorization of Information – EI is one of the most innovative companies in the world. We play in a variety of mission-critical markets, offer dozens of products and solutions, and perform many services. But from our old website you would never have known all that. To demonstrate EI’s leadership and provide the visitor with an easy way to locate information, we organized the site by markets, products, and services. To discover pertinent information about markets, product and services simply select one of these categories from the main navigation, which will give you access to information on our capabilities, technology, customers, expertise and applications.

Video Content – It’s one thing to read about our innovative technology but it’s a whole other thing to see it in action. To showcase our technology and applications we’ve incorporated videos throughout the new website. Please take a moment to view our newest corporate video, located on the homepage labeled “We Are EI”.

Social Media – Social Media isn’t just a fad anymore, it’s essential for every business. In order to disseminate information effectively, EI has initiated a social media campaign, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, a blog, and internal/external eNewsletters. Follow us, like us and subscribe to us to stay connected and up-to-date on what’s going on at Endicott Interconnect.