Endicott Interconnect Advanced Lab Services: The Test of Excellence

Our clients are sold on our excellence as soon as they tour our campus. They’re like you: They need the most reliable, highest quality product available. They understand that comes from the best processes. They like the one stop shop that means they don’t have to juggle personnel or suffer delays trying to coordinate multiple service vendors.

They want the quick response and personal service from a team of experts that has decades of experience and can understand your needs and translate them into a test methodology. Our U.S. based, state-of-the-art facility offers full services testing and analysis with strict adherence to your standards and specifications.

We specialize in:
• Technology and product reliability qualifications
• Materials and failure analysis
• Reliability engineering
• Mechanical and fragility testing
• Thermal and mechanical modeling
• Product qualifications to customer specs

What sets Endicott Interconnect Advanced Lab Services apart?

• Experience-Average 20+ years experience with microelectronics reliability and materials analysis
• Expertise-Mechanisms and failure modes, material behaviors and interactions in microelectronics packaging
• Unique Approach-Collaborate with the customer to get a deeper understanding of the issue; working from problems to techniques
• Solutions-Not just data but interpretation of results and the impacts to your product or process
• Flexibility-Quick turn analysis available

What some of the world’s top microelectronics companies are saying about EI:

• “They find the fails others cannot.”
• “They are proven experts in CAF testing, failure analysis, and life testing.”
• “They don’t blindly accept a test plan, they enhance it.”
• “They speak my language.”

Endicott Interconnect’s Advanced Lab Services offer a powerful combination of people, equipment and expertise, adding in-sight and value to product life designs, technology testing and qualification plans. Our extensive experience in microelectronics manufacturing, fabrication and assembly enable us to provide you with unmatched, world-class data analysis.

Experience the power of EI. Visit our Advanced Lab Services webpage or fill out a contact us form and let EI handle your entire laboratory needs.