Jay McNamara Participates In CEO Roundtable

BINGHAMTON, NY —Jay McNamara, President and CEO of Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. participated in a CEO roundtable on April 19 as part of the 2012 Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Business Expo at the Veterans Memorial Arena. Mr. McNamara spoke on the prominent role manufacturing plays in the area’s economy and lauded EI’s emergence as a technology leader. “The products that we are developing at EI are on the cutting edge and helping to shape the world we live in today. Our experience and expertise in microelectronics manufacturing is unmatched and I’m convinced that with the ongoing investment in Upsate New York, this region can become the ‘Silicon Valley of the East’, McNamara stated.

Other participants of the CEO roundtable included M&T Vice President Gary Keith, Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger and Lourdes CEO David Patak.