i3 Electronics Fabrication Highlight: April 2014

i3 will regularly highlight our capabilities in PCB/Substrate manufacturing by releasing information on a particular build.

The Application:

This printed circuit board was manufactured for the high-end server market

The Product

  • Printed circuit board
  • Mixed Megtron materials
  • 255 mils thick
  • 44 layers
  • 23.1 x 18.1 in
  • 30,000 holes
  • Tight registration; 3 mil lines and spaces
  • LGA_5x_df_Mosaic_1

Why i3?

The customer came to i3 for this build because of our ability to fabricate high layer count, complex PCBs. i3 has a strong reputation for highly reliable and complex printed circuit board fabrication.

About i3 Electronics

i3 Electronics, Inc., with headquarters in Endicott, NY, is a vertically integrated provider of high performance electronic packaging solutions consisting of design and fabrication of printed circuit boards and advanced semiconductor packaging, full turnkey services for printed circuit board and integrated circuits assembly and test, systems integration and advanced laboratory services. i3 product lines meet the needs of markets including defense and aerospace, communications and computing, industrial and medical, where highly reliable products built in robust manufacturing operations are critical for success. For more information about i3 and its products, please visit www.i3electronics.com.