i3 Electronics Now Accepting Printed Circuit Board QTA Orders

In order to achieve our goal of further enhancing the service levels from our established PCB operations, i3 Electronics is now accepting PCB QTA orders.

i3′s QTA operation builds advanced technology, high-performance and high reliability products with expedited cycle times for both existing and prospective customers. We are also dedicating new-product introduction resources to reduce lead times for products in the last stages of development and early stages of production. Our customers will benefit by getting products to market more quickly.

Typical i3 QTA Turns


*Based on core through composite builds
* Additional requirements could add 1/2 day and up

What Sets i3′s QTA Apart From the Competition?

  • On-site laminate manufacturing
  • PCB design services
  • Volume manufacturing capabilities
  • PCB assembly capability
  • Variety of laminate materials on hand
  • A strong team of scientists, engineers and innovators
  • A company at the forefront of continual technology advancement

For more information visit our QTA/PCB Fabrication webpage or fill out a contact us form.


*We are currently in the process of updating our website to reflect the acquisition of Endicott Interconnect by i3 Electronics, Inc.