Endicott Interconnect Technologies Places Multiple-System Order for ESI UV Laser Drilling Systems

PORTLAND, Ore. – Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:ESIO), a leading provider of world-class production laser systems for microengineering applications, today announced that Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) — a leading New York-based interconnect supplier — has placed a follow-on, multiple-system order for ESI’s ultraviolet (UV) laser drilling systems. A longtime ESI customer, EI will utilize ESI’s single-head and dual-head systems to optimize volume manufacturing of its high-performance application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

“ESI’s UV laser drilling systems deliver enhanced reliability and throughput for our high-volume manufacturing requirements, providing a competitive advantage that we can pass onto our customers,” said Mr. Jim Fuller, VP and GM, Semiconductor Packaging of EI. “As a result, ESI is our preferred provider for this essential technology. We have experienced excellent performance from our existing ESI UV laser tools, and are confident these new systems will continue to raise the bar on speed and accuracy.”

“The follow-on, multi-system order demonstrates EI’s commitment to ESI, and further solidifies our position as the industry’s premier supplier of UV laser drilling tools that can meet customers’ most aggressive technology requirements,” noted Sidney Wong, senior director of product market solutions at ESI. “We look forward to extending our long-term relationship with EI as we continue developing new solutions that enable our global customers to meet their advanced product and technology roadmaps.”

ESI’s high-repetition UV laser drilling systems perform high-quality, high-volume drilling of blind microvias in advanced IC packages, such as flexible circuits and high-density interconnect (HDI). Key demand drivers of ESI’s interconnect products include its ultra-high speed digital beam positioning module and its enhanced pulse rate for via formation. The single-head shaped beam produces more than 25,000 high-quality microvias per minute on advanced IC packages. By contrast, the dual-head shaped beam system can produce more than 60,000 vias per minute in multi-layer laminated materials up to 533 mm x 635 mm.

About ESI, Inc.
ESI is a pioneer and leading supplier of world-class production laser systems that help its microelectronics customers achieve compelling yield and productivity gains. The company’s industry-leading, application-specific products enhance electronic-device performance in three key sectors — semiconductors, components and electronic interconnect — by enabling precision fine-tuning of device microfeatures in high-volume manufacturing environments. Founded in 1944, ESI is headquartered in Portland, Ore. More information is available at www.esi.com.