Protect Your Products With Endicott Interconnect’s Anti-Counterfeit & Anti-Tamper Technology

“Due to the current and increasing threat of counterfeit electronic components entering the supply chain, Endicott Interconnect has decided to take a leadership role and combat this problem by introducing our proprietary anti-counterfeit and anti-tamper technology.”- Jay McNamara CEO

EI’s Innovative Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Tamper Technology Adopted by the DOD
• Signature technology for rapid authenticity identification
• RFID for tracking and anti-counterfeiting
• Anti-Tamper package elements and protection

Endicott Interconnect’s Proprietary Anti-Counterfeit & Anti-Tamper Technology (L) Anti-Tamper Package, (M) Password Protected Package, (R) Embedded RFID

We Are a Domestic Supplier
• Category 1A Trusted Integrated Circuit Assembly Supplier for Packaging/Assembly Services from the Department of Defense
• Approved military supplier status by leading prime contractors for mission critical applications
• AS 9100C, ISO 9001, IPC and Nadcap certifications, MIL specs, RoHS compliance and ITAR registration

Endicott Interconnect Is a Leader In:
• Printed circuit board fabrication, assembly and test
• Semiconductor packaging fabrication, assembly and test
• System-in-Package and shrink
• System integration and test
• Advanced laboratory services
• Design, prototype and QTA

EI’s Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Tamper Applications Will Protect Your Technology!

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