Endicott Interconnect’s Microflex Technology

Roll-to-Roll Position Statement
In 2013 EI will add roll-to-roll production capability for single and double sided flex substrates in addition to our current product offering in panels.

Benefits of Utilizing EI’s Microflex Solutions

  • Thin cross sections with fabrication on ultra-thin polyimide films, as thin as 12.5 µm, and flexible soldermask, as thin as 6 µm.
  • Increased wiring density with fine line circuitization ; demonstrated 11 µm lines and spaces. Plated laser-drilled vias as small as 25 µm diameter for double-sided flex applications.
  • Full turn-key solution with assembly services for attachment of integrated circuit die and other components. Demonstrated with flip chip having 22 µm bumps and 70 µm die pad pitch. Experience with both Pb and Pb free solders.

Microflex Attributes

  • Flex Materials: Including,but not limited to DuPont Kapton® Polymide, DuPont Pyralux® AP, DuPont Pyralux® AC, PET (in development)
  • Metallurgy: Cu, Cu/Ni/Au, Cu/Thick Au
  • Processes: Sputter deposition, liquid and dry film resists, semi-additive plating, subtractive etching, laser vias, flexible solder mask

Endicott Interconnect Microflex Applications

  • Medical
  • Wafer Probing
  • Power Conversion
  • Solar Cells
  • Fingerprint Sensors

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