The Power of EI’s Embedded Capacitor Technology

The Future of Capacitor Technology

EI’s multilayer embedded capacitor technology, the newest addition to the family of microelectronics packaging product capabilities, offers prototypes suitable for miniaturization with proven reliability and performance. EI has designed and fabricated several embedded capacitor test vehicles using resin coated copper capacitance (RC3) materials.

When the capacitor is embedded in the substrate, the impedance from the active device to the supporting capacitor can be much lower than with discrete SMT capacitors. The overall approach lends itself to package miniaturization because the capacitance can be increased through the use of multiple layers and reduced capacitive thickness to give the desired values in a smaller area.

Endicott Interconnect’s Embedded Capacitors Can

  1. Significantly improve performance by reducing impedance, power noise and EMI
  2. Reduce surface real-estate by removing large numbers of surface mounted discrete capacitors
  3. Reduce weight
  4. Lower the overall package cost

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