The Power of EI’s System-in-Package Technology

The Future of Microelectronics

The need for functions that were once unachievable due to the size and weight of the assembled electronics package can now be realized because of System-in-Package (SiP). Whether it be in delicate and size sensitive Medical applications, weight-to-function restrictive Aerospace and Defense applications or even to satisfy a multitude of new Industrial needs: System-in-Package is the answer!

Benefits of Utilizing System-in-Package Technology

  1. Reductions in Size and Weight: System-in-Package Technology can significantly reduce the complexity of PCB’s. Smaller components are used where possible. Surface mount capacitors, resistors, etc, can be embedded into the substrate and packaged die can be replaced with bare die. EI has successfully redesigned existing products into form factors that provide up to 24X size reduction.
  2. Flexibility: System-in-Package is perfect for almost any market. SiP substrates can be manufactured in many different shapes, sizes and configurations.

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