The Power of Endicott Interconnect’s 3D Packaging Solutions

Package on Package (PoP) stacking has become an attractive method for 3D integration to meet the demands of higher functionality in ever smaller packages. To accomplish this, new packaging designs need to be able to integrate more dies with greater function, higher I/O counts, smaller pitches, and greater heat densities, while being pushed into smaller and smaller footprints. A new 3D “Package Interposer Package” (PIP) solution is suitable for combining multiple mem-ory, ASICs, stacked die, stacked packaged die, etc., into a single package.

Benefits of Package-Interposer-Package

  • High density, small pitch
  • Re-workable and replaceable
  • Polymer or ceramic interposer provides addi-tional support for improving stability and reliability
  • PIP will experience less warpage and thermal stress
  • Mitigates problems with coplanarity between packages


Schematic of Package-Interposer-Package (PIP) construction with 4 packages and 3 interposers