The Power of Endicott Interconnect’s Z-Interconnect Technology

What is Z-Interconnect?
Z-Axis interconnection is a means of routing circuit traces, within and through the package. EI’s Z-Interconnect technology is used to fabricate electronic packaging components with very high interconnect density and enhanced electrical performance, while maintaining a reasonable cost. Z-Interconnect is perfect for Semiconductor Packaging as well as Printed Circuit Board Fabrication.

Endicott Interconnect’s Z-Interconnect Technology Can:

  • Increase wiring density
  • Provide the best signal integrity
  • Reduce signal attenuation at high frequencies
  • Shorten overall fabrication time
  • Produce higher yields
  • Create fewer wiring layers
  • Reduce costs
  • Utilize high performance materials and mixed dielectrics
  • Allow for the highest performance PCB’s with the highest layer count at the lowest cost
  • Simplify complex PCB structures

Semiconductor Packaging Design Rules

  • LW= 25 um, Space= 25 um
  • Laser Drill= 40 um, Pad= Drill + 35 um
  • Pitch > 180 um (preferred), 150 um (min)

Printed Circuit Board Design Rules

  • LW= 50 um (min), Space= 75 um (min)
  • Mechanical Drill = 100 um, Laser Drill= 50 um
  • Pad= Drill + 150 um, Module/Via Pitch= .4mm

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