The Power of Endicott Interconnect’s 3D Packaging Solutions

Package on Package (PoP) stacking has become an attractive method for 3D integration to meet the demands of higher functionality in ever smaller packages. To accomplish this, new packaging designs need to be able to integrate more dies with greater function, higher I/O counts, smaller pitches, and greater heat densities, while being pushed into smaller and smaller footprints. A new 3D “Package Interposer Package” (PIP) solution is suitable for combining multiple mem-ory, ASICs, stacked die, stacked packaged die, etc., into a single package.

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The Power of EI’s System-in-Package Technology

The Future of Microelectronics

The need for functions that were once unachievable due to the size and weight of the assembled electronics package can now be realized because of System-in-Package (SiP). Whether it be in delicate and size sensitive Medical applications, weight-to-function restrictive Aerospace and Defense applications or even to satisfy a multitude of new Industrial needs: System-in-Package is the answer!

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The Power of EI’s Embedded Capacitor Technology

The Future of Capacitor Technology

EI’s multilayer embedded capacitor technology, the newest addition to the family of microelectronics packaging product capabilities, offers prototypes suitable for miniaturization with proven reliability and performance. EI has designed and fabricated several embedded capacitor test vehicles using resin coated copper capacitance (RC3) materials.

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Miniaturization of Electronic Substrates for Medical Device Applications

The medical industry is clearly and urgently in need of the development of advanced packaging that can meet the growing demand for miniaturization, high-speed performance, and flexibility for handheld, portable, in vivo, and implantable devices. To accomplish this, new, smaller packaging structures need to be able to integrate more dies with greater function, higher I/O counts, smaller die pad pitches, and high reliability.

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The Power of Endicott Interconnect’s Z-Interconnect Technology

What is Z-Interconnect?
Z-Axis interconnection is a means of routing circuit traces, within and through the package. EI’s Z-Interconnect technology is used to fabricate electronic packaging components with very high interconnect density and enhanced electrical performance, while maintaining a reasonable cost. Z-Interconnect is perfect for Semiconductor Packaging as well as Printed Circuit Board Fabrication.

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Protect Your Products With Endicott Interconnect’s Anti-Counterfeit & Anti-Tamper Technology

“Due to the current and increasing threat of counterfeit electronic components entering the supply chain, Endicott Interconnect has decided to take a leadership role and combat this problem by introducing our proprietary anti-counterfeit and anti-tamper technology.”- Jay McNamara CEO

EI’s Innovative Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Tamper Technology Adopted by the DOD
• Signature technology for rapid authenticity identification
• RFID for tracking and anti-counterfeiting
• Anti-Tamper package elements and protection

Endicott Interconnect’s Proprietary Anti-Counterfeit & Anti-Tamper Technology (L) Anti-Tamper Package, (M) Password Protected Package, (R) Embedded RFID

We Are a Domestic Supplier
• Category 1A Trusted Integrated Circuit Assembly Supplier for Packaging/Assembly Services from the Department of Defense
• Approved military supplier status by leading prime contractors for mission critical applications
• AS 9100C, ISO 9001, IPC and Nadcap certifications, MIL specs, RoHS compliance and ITAR registration

Endicott Interconnect Is a Leader In:
• Printed circuit board fabrication, assembly and test
• Semiconductor packaging fabrication, assembly and test
• System-in-Package and shrink
• System integration and test
• Advanced laboratory services
• Design, prototype and QTA

EI’s Anti-Counterfeit and Anti-Tamper Applications Will Protect Your Technology!

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