Endicott Interconnect Advanced Lab Services: The Test of Excellence

Our clients are sold on our excellence as soon as they tour our campus. They’re like you: They need the most reliable, highest quality product available. They understand that comes from the best processes. They like the one stop shop that means they don’t have to juggle personnel or suffer delays trying to coordinate multiple service vendors.

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Benefits of Utilizing System-in-Package (SiP)

Reductions in Size & Weight – Utilization of System-in-Package technologies can reduce the complexity of PCB’s and often times eliminate them entirely. In many instances surface mounted capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components can be embedded right into the substrate, which can potentially lead to a 24x system size reduction. The miniaturization and embedding of components that System-in-Package provides will greatly reduce the size and weight of the application.

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What’s New About the EI Website?

EI has been in business for almost 10 years, has expanded into many new markets and has created products for hundreds of new customers. Unfortunately, our old website did not have the functionality or capability to adequately reflect these changes in our growing business. We decided to make significant improvements to our web presence in late 2011 when we partnered with Vibrant Creative to completely redesign and revamp our website. Below are the top 5 major areas of the website that we felt would create a more fluid and informative experience for our customers, suppliers and employees. The proceeding information will also act as a tool to help guide you, the visitor, through the new website to ensure that your time spent on the EI site is engaging as well as enjoyable.

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