Electronic Manufacturing Services And Test Solutions

i3 will fabricatate your PCB and then assemble it.

i3 merges engineering, manufacturing, product reliability, and life cycle support into assembly solutions that exceed your expectations — and industry standards.

  • Exceptional service delivered on time (99% or better)
  • A wide range of products, from high-end, complex, mission-critical assemblies to simpler support PCB assemblies
  • Full hybrid assembly, backplane, chassis, and system builds
  • Focused NPI to production launch, with support from dedicated program managers and engineers.
  • SMT
  • Wave Solder and Selective PTH Solder
  • Press Fit
  • Hand Assembly and Solder
  • LGA
  • BGA/CGA down to 0.04″ (1.0 mm)
  • DCA wirebond and flip chip
  • LGA pitch down to 0.04″ (1.0 mm)
  • uBGA and CSP down to .5 mm pitch
  • Perimeter lead fine pitch to 0.01″ (0.25 mm)
  • SMT discretes and chips
  • Very thick PCBs
  • Double sided, large complex boards with mixed technology
  • Connectors: dense, high I/O connectors
  • High density BGA/area array rework
  • High density hybrid assemblies
  • Components: high I/O area array modules
  • Mechanical: cage, chassis, system assemblies
  • Teredyne 2286, 2287LX
  • Scorpion Flying Probe
  • ESS and Burn-In
  • Ultraprobe
  • Functional System Level

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Capabilities & Equipment Overview

  • Fully automated assembly line
  • Big board capabilities
  • Fine pitch placement (≤.4mm)
  • Package placement

Package Placement

Fully Automated, State-of-the-Art SMT Line

Fine Pitch Placement

High Performance Line Feeders

Through Hole

Capabilities & Equipment Overview

  • Sequencing
  • DIP, Axial and Radial Insertion
  • Rigid, rigid flex and flexible assemblies

Through Hole PCBA

Through Hole Equipment

Rigid Through Hole Assembly

Through Hole Equipment

Wave Solder

Capabilities & Equipment Overview

  • Selective wave soldering
  • Hand solder processing
  • Lead and lead-free wave solder

PB & PB-Free Wave Solder Equipment

Wave Soldered PCBA

Advanced Lead-Free Wave Soldered Assembly

System Level Assembly

Capabilities & Equipment Overview

  • Box build
  • System integration
  • Complete design services, functional testing, depot/ repair

Workforce Management System

i3 Custom-Designed Harness. Test Plan and Test Report Provided To Customer

System Integration

i3 Designed and Manufactured PCB Reliability Test System

Test Development

Capabilities & Equipment Overview

  • ICT
  • FCT
  • ESS

Functional ICT Fixture

Automated Functional Test

Flying Probe Test

RF Test Rack

Failure Analysis

Capabilities & Equipment Overview

  • Reliability engineering labs
  • Accelerated life testing
  • Humidity testing
  • Material science & failure analysis

Materials Science

Contamination Identification

Testing For Electrical Opens

Accelerated Life Testing Chambers