High Layer Count, High Complexity, High Reliablity

At i3 Electronics, we offer the total package for your printed circuit board fabrication. We can design, manufacture, assemble, and test your PCB. Our specialty is high layer count, high complexity boards but we have the flexibility and know-how to build any type of PCB.

And, we guarantee a competitive edge for you by reducing your time to market — because we do all of this in one place: at our 700-thousand-square-feet facility in upstate New York, saving you the hassle of shuttling and coordination over several sites.

We provide:

  • Large panel capability
  • Embedded capacitance and resistance
  • High density wireability options utilizing thin dielectrics/narrow linewidths, integrated HDI technology, and large drill aspect ratios
  • Plating aspect ratios up to 22:1
  • Quickturn PCB fabrication for significant cycle time reductions
  • Wide variety of materials from trusted suppliers including Panasonic, Park, Rogers, Isola, Dupont and many more
  • A wide variety of surface finishes from OSPs to multiple metal surface finishes (including SnPb, Pd, ENIG, ENIPEG, and Ag)

For mission-critical applications in defense and aerospace, high performance super computing, industrial or medical, i3 PCBs are the complete solution.

Who uses PCBs?

Printed circuit boards are the work horse of the electronics world. Almost every electronic appliance contains a PCB — microwaves, computers, stereos, televisions, and phones, for example.
i3 designs and manufactures highly complex, multi-layered PCBs for use in a variety of markets including

  • IT, Servers and Super Computing
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Industrial Applications
  • Commercial Electronics

Have you heard about i3’s microflex technology? It’s the perfect solution for a variety of markets for size, weight and power reductions (SWaP).
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Advanced Flex Circuits


  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided
  • Multi (>2)
    • LCP available up to 6 layers
    • Polyimide in development

Commonly Used Flex Materials

  • 0.5 mil Dupont Kapton® Polyimide
  • 1.0 mil Dupont Kapton® Polyimide
  • 2.0 mil Dupont Kapton® Polyimide
  • 1.0 mil Dupont PyaraluxAP
  • 2.0 mil Dupont PyraluxAC
  • 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 mil LCP
  • 2.0 mil PET (in development)


  • Cr or Ti / Cu
  • Cr or Ti / Cu/Ni/Au
  • Cr or Ti / Cu / ThickAu
  • Ti/Au/Pt (future)

Process Capabilities Include But Are Not Limited To

  • Sputter deposition
  • Liquid and dry film resists, features as small as 11 μm
  • Semi-additive plating
  • Subtractive etching
  • Laser vias, diameters as small as 25 μm
  • Flexible soldermask, as thin as 6 μ