Continued Commitment, Comprehensive Support

We offer a high-quality, cost-effective solution for your needs. If you need a lab provider you’re confident in — one that’s responsive to your needs, versatile and makes use of the best technology, then you need i3 Electronics.

We provide comprehensive support services including mechanical and physical design and applications engineering, advanced laboratory services, world-class turnkey manufacturing, and R&D.

It’s part of our continued commitment to provide our customers with support to complement our products and services.
Our complete Solutions and Services include:

  • Advanced Electronic Packaging
  • System Integration and Test
  • Research and Development
  • Advanced Lab Services
  • Design, Prototype and QTA
  • Engineering Consulting

The Test Of Excellence

At i3 Electronics, we offer a powerful combination of people, equipment, and expertise to add insight and value to product life designs, microelectronic technology testing, and materials science. We are partners with world class microelectronics industry leaders and we are a center of competence for reliability engineering testing and failure analysis. As a lab provider who is responsive to your needs, we provide:

  • technology and product reliability qualifications
  • materials and failure analysis
  • reliability engineering
  • product qualifications to customer specifications
  • mechanical and fragility testing
  • thermal and mechanical modeling

Our personal service from a team of experts with years of experience in microelectronics guarantees a test methodology that meets your needs. What sets us apart from other labs is that we provide solutions, not just data.

Our mission:

  • To interact with each customer to understand his goals
  • To combine materials science, experience, focused testing, and physics modeling to achieve comprehensive solutions
  • To verify basic property assumptions (stress strain, fatigue, thermal, fracture, TA, DMA)
  • To rank potential solutions, identify weaknesses, design tests, and provide application-specific projection of fail mechanisms with test acceleration factors
  • To build quantified data and verification of model data
  • To make the greatest use of theory, experiements, and experience to provide the greatest reliability

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What sets i3 apart from other labs?

Average 20+ years experience with microelectronics reliability and materials analysis

Collaborate with the customer to get a deeper understanding of the issue; working from problems to techniques

Infringement experience

NDA capability, independent of operations

Mechanisms and failure modes, material behaviors and interactions in microelectronics packaging

Tracing and identifying sub-micron level defects, locations and likely causes

Not just data but interpretation of results and the impacts to your product or process

Quick turn analysis available

Competitive Pricing

i3 Electronics’ CITC Tester and CITC Testing Services now for sale!
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System Integration And Test

Using our decades of experience in electronic packaging and our technical services capabilities, i3 can manage your integration needs from beginning to end. From materials and component manufacture through full turnkey system build, functional test and direct fulfillment, we give you the total package.

We are leaders in:

  • research and development, with over 130 patents
  • high technology PCB fabrication, assembly, test, and integration
  • emerging Gamma and X-ray imaging and detection technologies
  • proprietary high performance materials and structures
  • high performance organic SiP fabrication, assembly and test
  • innovation, to deliver the best value solution to our customers

At i3 Electronics we are able to offer complete design services, concurrent engineering, and a full range of testing and lab support to assure product reliability. We’re a vertically integrated, total solution supplier, ready to provide full life cycle management.

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Our Design Services – The Total Package

At i3, we are the premier supplier of leading-edge PCB and semiconductor package designs.

We maintain a highly skilled team of design engineers with more than 170 years of collective experience in the design and development of semiconductor packaging, PCB, and mechanical design and system development.

We can also develop your prototype in as little as five days. We fabricate 24/7 to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it. And we work with a wide range of options to get the prototype in your hands as soon as possible:

  • panel sizes up to 24” x 32”
  • subcomposites
  • small (1-10) to larger lot sizes (50-400), delivered
  • choice of surface finish (ENEPIG, ENIG, hard Au, soft Au, Glicoat)
  • variety of layers (2-52)
  • copper (0.5 – 3oz)
  • delivered as an expedited service or normal scheduled delivery
  • variety of laminate materials (Hi Tg FR4, Polyimide, Nelco 4000-13SI, Megtron 6, Isola 370HR, FR 406, 408FR)

i3’s in-house prototype and design team offers:

  • On-site laminate manufacturing
  • PCB design services
  • Volume manufacturing capabilities
  • 1st and 2nd level assembly services
  • Variety of laminate materials on hand
  • A strong team of scientists, engineers and innovators
  • A company at the forefront of continual technology advancement

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Our Engineering Consulting Services

At the heart of i3 Electronics is a core team of knowledgeable and highly motivated scientific engineers with a broad range of experience across multiple disciplines.

Our skills and innovation form the basis of a much-lauded capability to deliver custom-tailored solutions.

Our engineering consulting services can help you develop and launch your new products in optimized and secure conditions, supported by the full breadth of our company-wide network of solutions.

Recent collaborations

Our scientists and engineers have worked with the following companies to design and develop thoughtful, custom-made product solutions:

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Looking Ahead To Solve Future Needs

As part of i3’s world-renowned research and development team, our mission is simple: to create the best solutions for our clients in the electronic device industry.

We use our experience, knowledge, and expert techniques to generate cross- market solutions for defense, medical electronic devices, high-end computing, and specialty electronic products.

Our partnerships with academia, government, international companies, and local firms generate and promote technical advancements. These collaborative achievements include leading-edge materials science, process and manufacturing improvement, in-house testing and analysis capability, and new business opportunities.

At i3 Electronics, we focus our expertise on the following elements:

  • System architecture
  • Power delivery systems
  • Thermal management
  • Nano materials for high-performance packaging
  • Advanced interconnects for optical and high-speed applications
  • Electrical design and packaging
  • Signal and power integrity analysis
  • Design verification and test
  • Electrical, thermal, and mechanical electronic packaging

R&D goals for the next five years

  • Develop freestanding materials for the next generation of organic packaging
  • Show feasibility of 4 um LW/ 6-8 um LT using state of the art circuitization tools
  • Implement opto-interconnect to transfer more information per channel
  • Proliferate 3D interconnect in the electronic packaging industry
  • Create “packaging fab” with R2R processing for PWBs and SCP
  • Develop materials/packaging/processing/assembly and test for silicon packaging

Logistics and Fulfillment

Direct Order Fulfillment

  • Logistics/shipping support
  • Order and aftermarket support to customers anywhere in the world
  • Stocking programs
  • Serialization, packaging and status reporting seamlessly integrated with in-house testing services

Supply Chain Materials Management

  • Supply chain solutions specific to each customer
  • Rigorous supplier standards/vetting
  • Experienced team/systems to manage forecasts, lead times and inventory
  • Component engineering resources
  • Component traceability to lot numbers and serial numbers
  • Component life cycle management expertise
  • Secure supply base to guard against counterfeit electronics