Lab Services and Reliability Testing

Lab Services and Reliability Testing Team

  • Our facility is an independent 3rd party test lab with 30 years of proven experience
  • We are a Center of Competence for reliability engineering testing and failure analysis of microelectronics for many applications including:
    • Military Platforms
    • Supercomputing
    • Medical Devices
    • Automotive Devices
    • Telecommunications  
    • And others
  • We specialize in supplier Qualification Testing, and Materials Analysis

i3 has a variety of reliability testing capability including:

Accelerated Life Testing

  • Accelerated Thermal Cycling (ATC)
  • Deep Thermal Cycle (DTC)
  • JEDEC Testing
  • High Temperature Storage

Accelerated Life Testing focus on electrical opens:

Custom designed testing based on field operating conditions or risk site analysis.

  • Mean time to failure determinations 
  • Identification of product risk sites
  • Component failure rates

Accelerated Testing focus on electrical shorts:

  • Partner with our customers to design testing strategy based on field operating conditions, or risk site analysis
  • Surface Insulation Resistance testing (SIR)
  • Cathode Anodic Filament Testing (CAF)
  • Risk site electro migration concerns

Humidity Testing

  • Temperature and Humidity w/bias (THB)
  • High Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST)
  • Cyclic Temperature and Humidity
  • Autoclave (Pressure Cooker)

Why Choose i3?

Electrical Monitoring/Data Acquisition System for computer controlled resistance/current/voltage measurements

  • Relays and Interface Board for 960 channels per Tester
  • Independent of Test Chambers (Mobile)
  • High Precision Read-Outs      -> HP3458A Meters
  • Automated Continuous Monitoring
  • Multi-Bias (Voltage) Measurements



Test Nets

STATS Tester



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