Kitting Services

i3 has an aligned and a readied Value Chain to support your Kitting projects consisting of:

  • Qualified and Proven Preferred Supply Base
  • The right skills and capacity in place today to produce and deliver production Kitting Solutions
  • Alignment of our entire team of suppliers to support our internal operations
  • Our unparalleled understanding of C4ISR systems
  • Established assembly product lines and work cells that are modular in design, scalable and replicable
  • i3 targets lean material movement and minimal handling
  • Work cells that focus on efficiency to support our low-cost objectives, while at the same time, utilize built-in Quality Control features which guide our team toward defect-free final integration performance
Cable Assembly
Kitting Cables
i3 cables are inventoried and ready for inspection

i3 has demonstrated an exceptional understanding of:

  • Design Collaboration
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Test
  • Fielding

Programs supported cover a wide variety of cables and accessories for multiple applications and platforms

i3 Assembly’s reputation for high quality and reliability is based on the effectiveness of accurately engineered and produced cables and harnesses

i3 Assembly’s business base is split between government and commercial work, consisting of manufacturing electronics and cabling needs worldwide

The i3 Assembly Production Floor is organized for ease of Quality Control and maximum throughput

i3 manufactured cable assemblies, custom box build and hardware 

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