Semiconductor Packaging Substrate Fabrication

At i3 Electronics we have designed innovative organic semiconductor packaging that can be found in many of the world’s best-known electronic brands. We offer proven, validated solutions that can help you reduce risk, speed time to market, and reduce cycle times.

Semiconductor chips need to be connected to yet protected from the outside world. Increases in semiconductor circuit density pose challenges to the thermal, mechanical, and electrical integrity of the packaged device.

i3’s semiconductor packaging fabrication technology is designed to support new and advancing technologies so that gains made at the wafer level are not lost or compromised at the system level.

Our semiconductor products

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System-In-Package And Shrink

Reducing system size, weight, and power (SWaP) is critical to the development of new applications, especially for the defense industry. By achieving reductions in the form factor and power consumption of today’s military and medical electronics, i3 is able to improve mobility and extend operational life, enhancing the overall viability of the product in the marketplace.

Our innovative System-in-Package technology is perfect for the following markets:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • High Performance Computing
  • Medical
  • Industrial

i3 has developed system-in-package technology to achieve SWaP goals, bring differentiated products to market quickly and efficiently, and to establish design and supply chain continuity.

Benefits of Utilizing i3’s SiP Technology

  • Enable more functionality in smaller packages with our organic substrates
  • Improve electrical performance through a reduction in trace lengths
  • Simplify, and in many cases eliminate, complex PCB’s all together
  • prepackaged IC’s, surface mount components, memory, passives and connectors, while increasing reliability and decreasing weight
  • Improve electrical performance, address thermal considerations, provide miniaturization, minimize complexity and achieve size reductions up to 27x or greater

Semiconductor Assembly And Test


At i3 Electronics we integrate advanced process and product development with manufacturing to provide flip chip and wire bond packaging assemblies ― from prototype to volume production.

We’ve earned global respect as assembly process experts, enabling customers to increase yields, continually improve processes, and optimize product reliability using our material science and engineering expertise.

Our solutions support the needs of the defense and aerospace, IT, server and super computing and medical markets where highly reliable products built in robust manufacturing operations are essential to success.


  • Standard JEDEC 13.0 mm to 55.0 mm
  • Custom-Sized SiP’s
  • FR4
  • FR4 Epoxy Build-Up
  • PFTE-Based Carriers
  • Kapton Flex
  • Flip chip to 125 um pitch and >25.0 mm die
  • Heatspreader attach with mixed adhesives
  • Wirebond dam and glob top
  • Underfill for die and connectors
  • Pin arrays and BGA attach
  • Wirebond-die up and cavity
  • Ball bonding
  • Pb free die bumps
  • Die attach
  • Die place reflow
  • Post attach automated optical inspection
  • BGA attach
  • Wirebonding
  • Discrete component and connector attach
  • Underfill for die and connectors
  • Wirebond damming and glob top
  • Coverplate attachment

White Papers

i3 presented the following technical papers at the Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 2006:

  • “Thermal Enhancement of Systems using Flip Chip Packages with Alternate Cooling Path through the PCB.”
  • “Simulation and Measurement of High Speed Serial Link Performance in Dense, Thin Core Flip Chip Package.”

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